Monday, March 2, 2009

Name the Monkey!

I got a monkey. Actually, Roy gave me his monkey. If you hit it just right, it lets out a terrifying scream that is guaranteed to scare away all manner of monster, including, but not limited to Sasquatch, Nessie and Zipperump-a-Zoos.

Right now, we're leaving the Munchkin in school so that I can job hunt without interruption. I'll be honest...I'm a little terrified about what would happen if I was solely responsible for her daily education. It would likely consist of PBS Kids, Draw a Tree class, play with dolls, watch TMZ. And if I was the in charge of her daily nutrition...well, let's just say that on the weekends, we have grilled cheese for lunch both days. Because I'm that creative in the kitchen.

Anyway, it gets a little lonely around here during the day. I'm used to all the privacy of a fishbowl back at the cube farm, so this takes a little getting used to. I decided that I needed a sidekick to converse with---enter Monkey. He needs a name, but I'm having trouble committing to one. Maybe you can help.


  1. I like the simple obvious answers...GEORGE!!!

  2. He does look like a George, doesn't he? :)

  3. I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest you name your mild mannered primate pal "Captain Bananapants"! Here's his profile:
    Code Name: Captain Bananapants
    Real Name: Roger Simian
    Occupation: Crimefighter, Wealthy Industrialist/scientist, Amateur photographer, Patriot
    Catch Phrase(s): Number 1 in your heart, number 2 in...your face!, Feel my poo evildoer!
    Battle Cry: Holy crap on a cracker!
    Group Affiliation: JLA (Jungle League of America)
    Known Associates: Ms. Meerkat, EELectric Current, Supermandril, Peregrine of Power.

  4. Wow. You put a lot of thought into that one. I'm very impressed.