Monday, March 9, 2009

Week One Wrap Up

Monkey and I did a lot of laundry last week. Working on the computer doesn't neccessarily net tangible results, so this made me feel like I got something accomplished. It is washed. Folding it and putting it away is a completely other matter.

On Wednesday, we joined my aunt, Jen, for scrapbooking. My daughter is three now, so I decided that maybe I should try working on her baby album. Yeah, I'm a little behind. I had Roy buy me one of those pre-made ones, so all you have to do is add the pictures. But, it was so beautiful that I never wanted to mess it up, which I was sure I would do if I attempted to actually put something in it. Jen has a million scrapbooking tools...seriously amazing. Even with a lunch break to celebrate her birthday, I actually managed to finish 5 pages. Very impressive. And then Monkey did a number 2 on the book, so now I have to start over. My mom told me, "Never trust a monkey."

We spent the next 2 days resume-building. I found a fabulous job that I will never be considered for, but I put a lot of effort into selling myself anyway. Monkey is actually a very helpful spell-checker.

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