Monday, March 16, 2009

Back from a nice weekend...

Sleeping with the enemy...

(For purposes of this blog, we'll call my daughter Anna.) We were at my in-laws' house this weekend. The guest room that we sleep in is filled with KU memorabilia, as my husband's family loves KU. Since Roy and I met at K-State, our loyalties obviously lie there. Here Anna is, all decked out in her KSU purple, napping in the Jayhawk bed. Don't worry, we'll learn her up right.

On Saturday, we all went for a walk with our friend, Tom. Anna and I were looking for bears. Sadly, we didn't find any bears, but we did see a beaver. We think. We watched the geese swimming and the guys showed her how to skip rocks.

That night, Tom, Roy and I went out to the local watering hole, O' Kelly's, for a drink, or 20. I apologize to anyone who was following my drunken tweets. Roy found them endlessly amusing. We had a rousing bargument about turning tricks versus dealing drugs to keep your family from starving. I won't go into where we all ended up on that one.

A girl that I went to high school with recognized me and filled me in on her life's journey. Our alma mater is three hours away and she was two years younger than me, so I was more than a little surprised to see her there. I honestly thought I was in trouble when she and her friend were staring at me from across the bar. I was afraid that I somehow offended her unintentionally and she was coming over to kick my butt. She was a clean cut red head the last time I saw her. Tonight, she had black hair, skull earrings and arms covered in tattoos. I seriously thought I was going to get pummelled. Turns out that she is a very nice young lady and a mother of two. Just goes to show.

We ended up staying until last call, when I apparently shook the hand of some guy who was out on the dance floor breaking it down. I told him something along the lines of "I'm proud of you for putting yourself out there and not caring what anyone thinks." He seemed genuinely flattered and not at all offended, so he must have been as intoxicated as I was. This is a classic example of why Jessica does not drink much. She ends up saying things that she is profoundly embarrassed about the next morning. Moving on...

Tomorrow, I'll share pics of my weekend purchases.

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