Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Portrait of a Twerd

That's right. I admit it. I'm a Twilight nerd and proud of it. Rockin' out my Team Cullen t-shirt and my Twilight necklace. Check out the red eyes....Oops, I'm a naughty vampire.

Anna and I made lamb and lion cookies for the DVD release party. They were more defined before they were baked...they just look like blobs now. I blame the 3 year-old.

I had fun with the girls Saturday night, but as usual, I was busy drinking and forgot to take pictures. Shout out to Carrie, Denise, Hilary and Amy! We had leftover black vodka from our Halloween party, so Roy used to that to make screwdrivers. It looked so cool in Martha Stewart, but it just ends up looking gray when we do it.

Speaking of Halloween, here's me as Glampire, holding my bloody pina ghoulada. What Martha didn't mention was that the corn syrup runs down the glass and onto your hands, which will then be dyed red for the next 2-5 days.

A-n-y-w-a-y, I bought the 2-disc DVD from Borders and I was not impressed by the Borders exclusive extras. There was a yawn-fest of a book club Q & A with Stephenie Meyer. Dear Lord, I couldn't wait for that one to end. I love Steph, but maybe the tween girls could have come up with some more original questions than, "Like, is Edward real?" Of course, if I ever met her, I probably wouldn't be able to form a coherent thought either. She's a rock star!

As far as the special features, the deleted scenes had been all over the internet, so I'd already seen the majority of them. There were a couple that should have been left in, but then there was the blasphemous travesty where Bella trips Edward and he bites her finger in jest! As if! There was no need for Catherine Hardwicke to introduce the deleted scenes. We found ourselves giggling because she has one of those personalities where you aren't sure if she's on drugs or if that is just how she normally acts. Kind of like Joaquin Phoenix.

And, here is further evidence (like you needed more) that, A) I have a problem, B) my husband is an enabler. (And, I love him for it. ) We've got: Twilight Saga gift set complete with lithographs, "Twilight" DVD (Borders exclusive edition) with 10 photocards, "Twilight" score CD, "Twilight" Sweethearts candy, Twilight Director's Notebook, model of Edward's Volvo (courtesy of the lovely Pooles.)

Roy has a Ferrari room. I'm thinking I need a Twilight room. Ooohhh! I just had a thought! I could decorate the guest room just like Edward's bedroom. Unfortunately, there won't be a bed, so it would negate the whole "guest room" and so it would just be a shrine to all things Edward. That wouldn't be at all creepy.

So, I wanna hear from you. Did you celebrate the DVD release? Did you like the special features? Do you have a lot of "Twilight" memorabilia? How much do you want for it? Just kidding--Don't answer that last one.


  1. I am so bummed I didn't get to come! My son throwing up Sat. morning kind of set the pace for the whole day. And guess who has the nasty cold/sinus crap now? Yes--yours truly. ugh. I did go buy the movie though. Wal-mart only had the single disc version left which I really wanted the double disc...but whatcha gonna do? So as I was shopping, I found that someone had stashed a double-disc Twilight in the back of some baby clothes soooo I grabbed it. Finders Keepers baby. And I love all your Twilight stuff! Paul keeps making fun of me because I have watched the movie...I won't say how many times. But I am sick and it makes me feel better!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was cracking up reading this! Thanks again for having us over. By the way I think the cookies were great!

  3. Sorry, Debbie! I hope you all get to feeling better!

    Hilary, I still have a TON of those nasty Sweethearts, so I'll save those for you. :)