Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear girl,

Today, I sat at McDonalds and stared at my daughter.  She is beauty personified.  The way the sun reflects off her hair.  Her long lashes fluttering.  The way she brushes her bangs out of her eyes.  The beautiful freckles that she hates.  The focus required to get every last drop of hot fudge out of her sundae dish.  She is so much like me.  So sensitive.  So trusting.  Hurt so easily.  Then, I think, “God, what am I going to do when someone breaks her heart?  How will I bear that pain?  What will I say to her?”  Today, love seems impossible.  But, life goes on because it must.  What I want you to know dear girl…. 


You. Are. Beautiful.  Inside and out.  The most amazing girl I know.  I’m sorry that he hurt you.  Sure, he saw your beauty.  But he didn’t see beyond it.  He didn’t get to see what I’ve been blessed to experience every day of your life.  The kind, generous spirit.  The heart big enough to love the world.  Wide open, letting everyone in, no matter how many times it gets broken.  The soft hands always willing to help.  The glorious smile that lights up a room.  The melodious laugh that makes me believe in angels.  The shimmering tears that are cried for things long lost.  The creative soul that can move mountains.  He didn’t listen to the articulate and perceptive thoughts you spoke or the happy songs you sang.  Someday, someone will take the time to get to know that girl.  And they will love you.  And they will earn your love.  And they will know the incredible joy of being surrounded by the light that is you.