Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life in plastic is fantastic

The web is abuzz with this photo of the Chanel Perspex Briefcase that Karl Lagerfeld designed for the recent Paris showing of the brand's Fall Ready-To-Wear collection. Chanel's website states that it is made of "thermoformed packaging with pockets for an Ipod, No.5 perfume, and sunglasses."

*Thermoformed packaging (also known as a blister pack) is the annoying plastic that many items are now packaged in. The only purpose it serves is to annoy. Seriously, you shouldn't need a chainsaw to open a package of AA batteries.

There is no confirmation yet on whether this will be a bag that you can actually purchase or whether it was merely a prop for the show.
Personally, I love the pink version. (I have the pink quilted tote from a few years ago that I adore.) This briefcase is the pinnacle of organization and minimization (yes, that is a word). No more rummaging around in a bottomless pit looking for your phone. Wait! There isn't a place for your phone. Oh, well. We all have to make sacrifices in the name of fashion. I only hope that I get a job soon so that I can carry this superstar to the office.
What could you expect to pay for this baby if it does get released to the public? That depends. A quilted jersey flap bag similar to the one inside the briefcase shown retails for $3,800. Yes, I said jersey. Will the bag shown be included in the briefcase? Probably not. I doubt the other items in the briefcase are included either. 1 oz. of No.5 perfume is $260. (The 1.7 oz. spray bottle is only $80 and mine lasted two years, so I'd go that route.) The Ipod was probably around $150 and sunglasses $200, lipstick $30, powder $44, assuming they are all Chanel, of course, and you really can't run around with a clear Chanel briefcase containing Cover Girl makeup. Blasphemy!
Accessories alone would be about $4,500. And, while the accessories won't be included, I'm guessing you'll still pay for them as if they were. Tack on another $15 for the manufacturing cost of the plastic itself. Well, it is imprinted with the Chanel logo, so make that $100 for the plastic. Add another $50 for the straps....I'm guessing the final price tag will be around $5,000. (Designers round up to the nearest $1,000). Roy will be able to find it on Ebay next year for $150, so get your name on our wait list.

In all seriousness, I do LOVE the set they designed for the show. White walls that divided spaces in contrast to a black lacquered floor. The models walked through a series of doorways on all sides. Definitely a departure from the traditional catwalk and the minimalist approach is very different from last year's lavish set.

Hmmm. I wonder if I could get a job tagging along after Karl Lagerfeld. Maybe he needs someone to make him grilled cheese sandwiches on the weekend.

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