Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Must Read...and Laugh

Is anyone planning on reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? ET Weekly gave it an A- and Wired put it on their Playlist. I'd like someone else to read it first and let me know if it is worth the effort. My sister, The Purist, and Jane Austen's biggest fan, made the worst face after reading the review, so I know she won't go anywhere near it.

The publisher of this book is Quirk Classics and their website is full of plenty of time-wasting fun for EVERYONE.

For the bookworms: Here is an article where they postulate potential follow-ups to PPZ. My favorite suggestion is A Farewell To Arms and Legs.

For the Boy Scouts: I bought the Worst-Case Survival Scenario Handbook when it first came out in 1999 and LOVED it. It is full of helpful and hilarious how-tos. I didn't realize this was from the same publishing company as PPZ. Here is a how-to from the Worst-Case Survival Scenario: Extreme Edition.

For the Twilight Lovers:
"How to avoid a vampire attack"...

Obviously, these survival techniques don't apply to Stephenie Meyer's vampires. Meet one of those and you are pretty much screwed. As Bella showed us, pepper spray has no effect. And, as Edward so famously demonstrated, you can't outrun them or fend them off. I would say, just embrace sweet death and be thankful that your demon angel is a hottie.

For the ladies who are knocked up: Another fun article is "The Worst Television To Watch While You're Pregnant" from The Pregnancy Countdown Book and they are right on. I avoided every single one of those shows when I was PG.

For the guys: Quite possibly the funniest thing I saw, albeit the most offensive. I know Roy will get a kick out this...from How To Live With A Huge Penis, "A Prayer for Owen's Weenie."

...And everything in between. Seriously, take a look or two or twenty. In case you hadn't heard...we're in a recession. It's not like you have work to do.

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