Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's 3 am....I must be sleepy

A certain someone has developed a nasty habit of waking up at ridiculous hours and climbing into bed with us. Not mentioning any names...(cough) Condoleezza Rice (cough).
I have a tight sleep schedule that needs to be kept...10 pm-ish: Go to bed. 7 am-ish: Wake up. Anything in the middle completely derails the rest.

BTW... I'm posting this from my iPhone, so if a sentence doesn't make sense, it is because auto-text turned it into words that were not intended. “Rah” turns into “ran”, “Send help now!” Becomes "I love hobos!". That sort of thing.

ANYway...some of my twitters on Thursday sounded kind of CRAzee. I had just found out that the job I thought I had didn't go through and I kind of flipped out a little. Sorry. Things seem a tad out of control lately and I am just thankful, once again for my meds, which auto-text wants to turn into "mess." That SO would not make sense in that context, silly AT.

So, had some laughs with the girls at Bunko last night and then spent a glorious g'day (I'll let that AT slide b/c it is funny) with my man, who said that I didn't have to look for a job today, but could instead help him organize the office. So we crossed a couple things off our list and it felt good.

Which brings me to today's lesson. I spoke with a couple of ladies this week who, like myself, were struggling with a long To-Do list. It seems exacerbated by the fact that we are home more. When there is always tomorrow, how do you make yourself do it today? Answer: a support system helps and I don't mean the 18-hour bra. Someone needs to kick you in the butt and turn off the TV/computer or roll you out of bed and help you tackle that list one stupid thing at a time. It helps if it is to the tune of "That's Not My Name.". Great getting shot done jam. What?! AT won't let me curse?! That's bullshit. Wait, that worked.

I should wrap this up before my battery dies. I would sincerely like to thank everyone for the phone calls, urgent texts, emails and FB messages regarding a post earlier this week. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm a tad dramatic. "Family crisis" is code for "I'm on the verge and loosing my grip." No one died or has a terminal illness. We had a delicate situation that freaked us out and I'm still trying to figure out to phrase it so that you can gain knowledge without compromising someone's privacy. Basically, someone let us down big time.

Okay, I need to go remove my mascara from 2 days ago and steal my blanket back from Condie. She is so needy lately. Happy Saturday. y'all!


  1. Just wanted to say hi and if you need anything you know I'm always here for you :)