Friday, May 1, 2009

Razzle Dazzle

I feel the need to post something, anything, so that last post isn't the first thing on my page. So, don't look down there! Look here! Cute animals!! Why, yes...that is Harrison Ford feeding a hippo.

We watch a lot of The Discovery Channel and National Geographic and Animal Planet because those are the only channels (along with The Food Network and HGTV) appropriate for young eyes when PBS Kids and Playhouse Disney aren't on. So, Anna has already seen a giraffe being born. Surprisingly, she was not grossed out. Just wait until I pull out the video of her birth. Guaranteed to make a girl keep her legs crossed for at least 35 years. (Just kidding...there is no video of her birth. But, that video we watched in our Childbirthing Class would have done the trick if I hadn't already been 8 months pregnant. They should show that in high schools.) I had a point...oh, yeah! So, a giraffe's gestation period is 15 months and then they just drop the kid six feet and hope it's okay?!

Seriously, if you don't visit The Big Picture at least once a week, you are missing out on amazing photographs and stories that I didn't even know I should care about. Who loves the internet? I do, I do!


  1. The Big Picture is adorable! All those animals - it makes you wonder what they are thinking about!! Our family also loves the Discovery Channel & Animal Planet & NatGeo! Something we can all watch and enjoy!

  2. Cool pic!
    Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.