Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I hope I don't pull the short straw

We have WAY too many magazine subscriptions in this house. I don't get a whole issue read before the new one arrives. So, getting caught up on the May issue of Wired, I see this story called "American Stonehenge". Am I the only person on the planet who hadn't heard of the Georgia Guidestones?

If you were in the dark as well, you'll need to read the full story at Wired. Absolutely fascinating. The short version: 30 years ago a man representing a wealthy and very secretive organization had enormous granite stones erected in a cow pasture in northeastern Georgia. The stones were created to be a precise compass, calendar and clock and were built to withstand "catastrophic events." Carved into the slabs were "directions for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse" in eight of the world's major languages. There were also writings in four long-dead languages.

Since they were unveiled, the stones have drawn attention and visitors from around the world. Yoko Ono was a big fan and wrote a song about them. They also have their share of critics. There have been many guesses as to the purpose of the stones and those opposed have come up their own conclusions. While the organization behind them remains a mystery, there are those who believe they were satanists, Nazis and/or wanting to communicate with extra-terrestrials.

The reason for the opposition may lie in the 10 "guides" that were etched into the stones. Number 1 is "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." That means 12 out of 13 of us would need to find another planet to live on. These instructions are meant to be passed down to the survivors left after Armageddon. Who knows how many people that will be, but I'm just saying...who is going to have the job of choosing? Cue ominous music.

ANYway, I found this information very interesting. It sounds like the plot of movie, but someone actually built this thing and the secret organization is probably still protecting their identity and preparing for the end of the world, which may be as soon as 12/21/12? Spooky. (Also, I really loved the opening spread for the article. :) Wired always has such great art design! That font is awesome!)

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  1. this is wild! i never had a clue.
    now i want to go!