Wednesday, May 20, 2009

VeryShortPost, kind of

Still reeling from the Idol upset... (I don't care what this article says, it is still an upset.)

We have a lot going on with the bathroom remodel, so I've just got a short post for you.  If you are on Twitter, you must start following VeryShortStory.  If you aren't on Twitter...WHY aren't you on Twitter?!  You can also visit the website.  A guy writes "Twitter-sized" stories.  Perfect for those of us who don't have time to read actual books.  Examples: 

"I bought a jaguar today. Not a car, an ACTUAL jaguar. I figure it will impress women more than a car. I got a two seat saddle for it."

"I could tell by her fur she wasn't from around here. We chit chatted. I put on the moves. We went to my place. In Spring, we had cubs."

"Order up, Wolverine." He spent his time waiting tables now, feeling bitter how fast his life had gone downhill. He blamed Star Trek."

"Ty softly tossed a pebble at Wendy's window. In return, a large rock hit him squarely in the head. He would take that as a ‘no'."

"After losing his job, Nigel lived without caution. Even when the forecast called for rain, he refused to carry an umbrella."

"You want to hold hands?" said Bill. "Umm.......Ok." said Ken. They both needed a little comfort. It had been a tough staff meeting."

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